People at St Luke’s: Hugh Henry Molesworth Bevan

This single small photograph of Ireland at St Luke’s has huge significance, given the close (and in some cases lifelong) associations of the composer with the people captured in it. This is the ninth in a series of short blogs uncovering the personalities behind the faces.

St Luke's choir whole

Bevan juniorThe man in the third row back, to the left of the photograph, surrounded by choristers, is Hugh Henry Molesworth Bevan. Hugh Bevan (1884–1970) was  the eldest son of the Rector, Henry Bevan, who is seen in the centre. At the time of this picture he was single, marrying Rachel Knatchbull-Hugessen in 1917, with whom he had three sons.

As with some of the other curates associated with St Luke’s, Bevan went on to have an eminent  career in the church. He was made deacon in 1908 and priest in 1909, then becoming curate at Holy Trinity, Paddington (1908–13) and at Chelsea Old Church (1913–16), this latter having close affiliation with St Luke’s.

From Who’s Who, it is possible to list some of Bevan’s subsequent appointments, culminating in his appointment as Archdeacon of Ludlow, a senior position with the Diocese of Hereford.

  • Lecturer in Divinity (Whitelands College), 1915–17
  • Vicar of St Dunstan’s, E. Acton, 1916–28 and Rural Dean of Ealing, 1926–28
  • Vicar of Hammersmith, 1928–48 and Rural Dean of Hammersmith, 1928–42 and 1945–48
  • Prebendary of Newington in St Paul’s Cathedral, 1942–48
  • Hon. Clerical Secretary of London Diocesan Conference, 1943–48
  • Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral, 1948–66
  • Vicar of Stanton-Lacy, 1954–66
  • Archdeacon of Ludlow, 1948–60



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