Great Aunt Ann

Ireland’s great aunt, sister of his grandfather John, was Ann Nicholson (1814-92), like many of his family born in Barbados. She married Dr Charles Hayes Higgins (1811-98), who was the son of Colonel Charles Thomas Higgins and Emma Maria Higgins. Born on a ship
off the coast of Java, Dr Higgins was an eminent surgeon and physician whose obituary below gives a sense of the depth and breadth of his life and career.

Charles Higgins obit

Ann and Charles had seven children:

  • Charles Thomas Higgins
  • James Simpson Higgins
  • Anne Emma Higgins
  • Edmund Ironside Higgins
  • Robert Bruce Higgins
  • William Henry Higgins
  • Henry Alleyne Higgins, sub-lieutenant in the Cheshire Engineer Volunteer Corps.

Charles Hayes Higgins’s brother Edmund emigrated to Australia (temporarily), where he set up in business with family member Mark Nicholson (Ireland’s great uncle).

Charles is buried in Flaybrick Hill cemetery in Birkenhead.


Naval and Military Medical Services, 29 January 1898, p.346.




One comment on “Great Aunt Ann

  1. Derek Johnston says:

    Charles Hayes Higgins was my great, great grandfather.

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