Concertino Pastorale in Nottingham

On 19 February 1953 the Boyd Neel Orchestra once again included Ireland’s Concertino Pastorale in a programme of string music. This time they were in Nottingham’s splendid Edwardian Albert Hall (left). For this event the orchestra was under the leadership of Granville Jones, with Boyd Neel conducting one of the last concerts in the UK before his emigration to Canada later that year.

The lovely, balanced programme consisted of the following items:

  • Vivaldi / Concerto Grosso in D minor
  • Handel / Oboe Concerto in G minor (soloist Leon Goossens)
  • Tippett / Concerto for Double String Orchestra
  • Vaughan Williams / Oboe Concerto
  • Ireland / Concertino Pastorale

The programme notes for this concert feature a short but informative piece of writing on Ireland’s piece:

Ireland in Nottingham



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