Gunter Grove neighbours

In 1916 one of Ireland’s closest neighbours in Chelsea was Alfred Raphael Dell’Isola, living opposite the composer at number 15 Gunter Grove. A few years younger than the composer, born in 1891, Alfred married Darcy Moore in 1917. In 1916 he changed his name to Dell, stating:

I Raphael ALFRED RAPHAEL DELL, heretofore called) by the names of Alfred Dell’Isola, of 15, Gunter Grove, Chelsea, in the county of London, a natural born British subject, hereby give notice, that I have assumed and intend henceforth upon all occasions and at all times to sign and use and be called and known by the surname of Dell only (by which surname I have for some years past been more generally called and known), in lieu of and substitution for my said surname of Dell’Isola, and that such intended change or assumption of name is formally declared and evidenced by a deed poll under my hand and seal, dated the 26th day of January, 1916, and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature on the 8th day of February, 1916. In testimony whereof I hereby sign and subscribe myself by such my intended future name. ALFRED RAPHAEL DELL.

In the previous year another Gunter Grove resident, abiding further up the road at no. 36, met his death on 27 October. This was Lance Corporal Alfred Gerald Week (1883-1915), son of Alfred and Nellie. Prince Albert

Gunter Grove was the home to a number of well-known artists, among them the Glassby family. At no. 6 lived the sculptor Alfred Briscoe Drury (1856-1944). This was his home from around 1893, becoming just the site of his studio from 1911. Drury is known for a number of statues, including this one of Prince Albert at the front entrance of the V&A.


The London Gazette, 25 February 1916, p.2139.



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