Third Piano Trio studio performance

After several years of performances of Ireland’s Phantasie-Trio the Grinke Trio (with Ireland rather than Dorothy Manley at the piano) introduced his new Third Piano Trio at a Boosey and Hawkes studio concert. The B&H event was an adjunct to the Festival of the International Society for Contemporary Music, held in the publishers’ music room at 295 Regent Street (below) on 20 June 1938.

A listener described the piece as ‘romantic in what may be called the English vein’, with the emphasis ‘more on sweetness than on the astringency which the composer has sometimes introduced’. There is a simple reason for this: the ‘new’ trio was an extensive reworking of an old piece. This reviewer (J.A.W, later Sir Jack Westrup) found some choice words to describe the piece, finding ‘no flabbiness’ and the second movement Scherzo ‘trimly braced’. At the same event Grinke played Britten’s early Suite for violin and piano, with that composer too at the piano.


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