Alleynes in Derbyshire

Tissington Hall

I have already posted on the wealthy West Indian connections of the Alleyne family (Ireland’s mother’s family). Their connections also extended into Derbyshire. On 11 March 1851 Sir John Gay Newton Alleyne, eldest son of Sir Reynold Abel Alleyne of Barbados, married Augusta Isabella Fitzherbert of Tissington Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Augusta (1828–1910) was the 13th and youngest child of Sir Henry Fitzherbert and Agnes Beresford. Sir John Gay Newton Alleyne (1820–1912) was born in Barbados, and studied at Harrow and the University of Bonn. He spent most of his life in Derbyshire,  becoming Warden of Dulwich College, and engineer and then manager of the Butterley Iron Works (initially through his wife’s connection with the firm). His outstanding achievement in that capacity was his design for the arched roof of St Pancras station in 1866/7.

Alleyne’s passion for astronomy was another aim in life which he fulfilled, by acquiring the largest privately owned telescope. It was made by Thomas Cooke. Sunspots were studied in relation to the conditions of the earth. His family of two sons and eight daughters were often roused in the middle of the night to observe special astronomical phenomena. Having been dragged out of bed they all said “Yes, yes, we can see it” so they could get back to bed quickly (

Augusta FitzHerbert, 1833 Oil Painting - William the Elder Corden

Augusta FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden, 1833

Lady Alleyne

Lady Alleyne












Alleyne and his wife Augusta settled in Chevin House, Belper (below), where they lived for several decades, spending their winters in Falmouth. The couple had ten children, some of whom are listed below:

  • Agnes Rebecca Augusta Alleyne (d. 1941)
  • Rebecca Olton Alleyne (d. 1944)
  • Reynold Henry Newton Alleyne (1852–1908)
  • Judith Alleyne (1856–1942)
  • Anthony Fitzherbert Alleyne (1858–59)

At Sir John Alleyne’s death his eldest grandson, John Meynell Alleyne (1889-1983), succeeded him to the baronetcy.

Chevin House, Belper


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