Ireland’s books: Immortal Britain

As is well documented, Ireland was drawn to the mysteries of ancient Britain. It is therefore perhaps no surprise to find on his shelves A. V. Insole’s Immortal Britain (1952). Born in 1895, Alan Vyvyan Insole was the fifth child of the wealthy George Insole of Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff (pictured). He was a friend of D.H. Lawrence in 1920, featuring as a figure in that author’s Sea and Sardinia. The following year he became Fellow of the Zoological Society, in that capacity visiting first Japan and then Kenya. His book, Immortal Britain, has several chapters on topics dear to Ireland, for example the historic site of Stonehenge and London’s place names. It concludes by saying that the British ‘must revive the teachings of their ancestors, and once again light the torch of Immortal Britain’. Insole emigrated to South Africa, dying a couple of years after John Ireland in 1964.


A.V. Insole (1952).  Immortal Britain: London, Aquarian Press.


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