Cousin Henry Alleyne Varty

Ireland’s cousin Reynold married his own cousin Cecilia Varty. The Varty family, like the Nicholsons, were from Cumbria, with Thomas Varty married to Lucy Waring Nicholson – Ireland’s aunt. Cecilia had a sister, Margaret Alleyne, and a brother, Henry Alleyne. Born on 22 November 1879, he was an exact contemporary of Ireland. He grew up in Penrith and went on to study sciences at the University of Aberdeen, presumably with the renowned Henry Nicholson. In 1901, at the age of 21, he was focusing on botany, in 1902 described as a mining student and living in Earl’s Court, very close to the composer, and round the corner from St Cuthbert’s church in Philbeach Gardens. However, Henry Alleyne Varty was to die later that year, on 23 August, aged only 22. It is unclear how this happened, but he is buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Linares, Andalucia, seen below.


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