Ireland and Dunhill at the cinema in 1941

Paul Vincent has very kindly contributed this fascinating entry from Dunhill’s diary for 20 February 1941. Disrupted by the war, by coincidence Dunhill and Ireland both found themselves living in Banbury, and spent a good deal of time in each other’s company, on this Essoldo Cinemaoccasion going to the recently-opened Regal Cinema (now the Odeon) together:

“Then I went down to Banbury. Called to see Jack Ireland & chatted with him, & arranged to meet him at the Regal Cinema in the afternoon. Then I had lunch at Brown’s – made some purchases & went to the Cinema. Presently J.I. came along & we had two good seats in the circle for the new Charlie Chaplin film “The Great Dictator”. I enjoyed it very much, & so did he. It was a long film – very amusing – & I was surprised how excellent Chaplin was (especially in the speaking). The incidents were not uniformly amusing – but some of it was superb – especially the shaving by the little barber to the performance of a Brahms Hungarian Dance – superbly done!!”


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