La Vallette

During Ireland’s nine-month sojourn on Guernsey in 1939 and 40 he would have known La Vallette, a corniche cut into the rock to create a promenade south of the island’s capital, St Peter Port. Several prominent features had existed long before Ireland’s day. ‘Les Bains Publics’ were famous worldwide, with a horseshoe pool for men built in 1859 and separate private pool for ladies following in 1862. In 1876 female bathers demanded a second, public ladies pool, which was built 10 years later.The lower slopes of La Vallette were laid out as gardens with footpaths passing through them. After Ireland’s departure in 1940, and during the German occupation, a large underground tunnel was cut into La Vallette to provide bomb-proof shelter for fuel storage. But while the composer was living on the island, the area was known only for its tranquillity and sheltered saltwater bathing.

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