People at St Luke’s: T.J. Robinson

This single small photograph of Ireland at St Luke’s has huge significance, given the close (and in some cases lifelong) associations of the composer with the people captured in it. This is the sixth in a series of short blogs uncovering the personalities behind the faces.St Luke's choir whole
RobinsonThe man with the magnificent, long beard and dark garments, seen in the second row, is a Chelsea solicitor, T.J. Robinson, part of the local firm,  T.J. Robinson & Son, based at various addresses in and around King’s Road, including no. 110A, no. 280 and subsequently 1 Anderson Street, King’s Road. In 1921 Robinson’s was based at 280, next door to Henry Bevan (282), himself also part of the St Luke’s fraternity.

Robinson was, in 1915, a councillor in the borough, playing a full role in Chelsea, contributing to a lengthy report on the work of libraries in the district. Within the boundaries of St Luke’s, Robinson was a ‘tried and tested’ churchwarden (Bevan, 28 May, 1916), and is recorded to have served in the role from at least 1905-23. Bevan’s parish letter of 23 April 1923 mentions his 30 years of service.

Sources:; St Luke’s parish records


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