Alleyne Ireland’s departure

It is known that Ireland lost contact with his brother Alleyne at an early point in his life. Until the recent digitisation of ship passenger lists it was less easy to find out exactly what became of Alleyne (1871-1951). However, it is now known that he sailed from Liverpool to New York in 1911, arriving there on 2 December. He travelled on one of the ships belonging to the White Star Dominion Line, the ‘Celtic’. Following his departure for America, he became a successful political writer, with a number of publications addressing international issues. He is best known for his work with Joseph Pulitzer, being one of six secretary-companions who lived with Pulitzer. Their job was to ‘read, select, and memorise material from a stream of European and American periodicals and books; to know everything, not only of current affairs but about literature, art, history; and to talk on any subject accurately and amusingly whenever their master demanded’ (The Spectator, 26 May 1938, p. 42). Although John enjoyed a troubled and distant relationship with his brother while growing up in Bowdon, Alleyne made major contributions to historical and political scholarship, continuing the family literary tradition.



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