Ireland’s books: Downland Pathways

Ireland owned a copy of A.H. Allcroft’s book, Downland Pathways. First published in 1922, his (second) edition is dated 1924. 

Allcroft’s ‘very readable book shows an intimate knowledge of the South Downs between Lewes and Shoreham and of the history of the district. He has a keen eye for old tracks, whether Roman or not, and for the remains of camps and dewponds and other vestiges of anti- quity. Those who have walked over the Downs at the back of Brighton and towards the Adur Valley will appreciate Mr. Allcroft’s interesting notes and descriptions. After the ordinary conventional guide this little book is uncommonly stimulating’. So wrote the reviewer of the text in the Spectator (18 August 1922, page 25).

It is not at all surprising that Ireland would have bought this book, given that during the 1920s he maintained a pied-à-terre in Sussex, and wrote several works connected with this county. An extract from Downland Pathways on the subject of dewponds, giving a flavour of Allcroft’s approach, can be read HERE, and the picture below shows the Chanctonbury dewpond.

Chanctonbury Dewpond



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