Ireland and Dorothy Manley

Local flooding, Amberley Wild Brooks

Amberley Wild Brooks

Dorothy Manley was a pianist working in the 1920s and 30s, for whom unfortunately little information is readily available. After studying at the RAM she went on to make several Proms appearances, on 23 August 1935 appearing in Beethoven’s Triple Concerto alongside Frederick Grinke and Florence Hooton. With these two musicians she was for a while a member of the Grinke Trio.

The reason for her mention here is that Manley is another English pianist who plays a role in the history of performances of Ireland’s music. In particular, on several occasions Manley performed Amberley Wild Brooks:

14 April 1926   Salle Aeolian, Paris

26 May 1931    Wigmore Hall

29 Dec 1931      broadcast of the piece

Une Visite à la Salle Aeolian de Paris 1913 Pianola






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