Ireland, the Piano Sonata and Frederic Lamond

The first performance of Ireland’s Piano Sonata took place at the Wigmore Hall in 1920, the soloisPortrait at eighteen The Memoirs of Frederic Lamond MacLellan, Glasgow 1949 t Frederic Lamond. One review of this premiere focused on  the work’s classical structure, ‘laid out on the biggest lines’ (Times, 14 June 1920, p. 12). Lamond (1868–1948) was born in Glasgow and died in Stirling. He studied with Liszt, both in Weimar and in London. He was also coached by Brahms, making his debut in Berlin in 1885. Lamond gave the first performance of Brahms Paganini Variations in Manchester, was a noted exponent of Beethoven, and married the actress Irene Triesch (1877–1964), seen below.

This interesting Beethoven blog has some fascinating information on the pianist, including several links to performances:

Lamond was above all a renowned exponent of the music of Beethoven and Brahms. The first reviewer of Ireland’s sonata attempted to compare it with Brahms’s Opus 1. This somewhat curious analogy must surely have been influenced by the pianist performing the piece rather than the notes of Ireland’s new work.


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