King’s Road in 1921

In 1921 Ireland could emerge from his house in Gunter Grove onto what was already the thriving King’s Road. Walking down the road from Sloane Square towards his home, the long list below, taken from that year’s street directory, shows the shops, restaurants and other premises that he would have passed on the Gunter Grove side of the road, enough to satisfy every need, among them the famous Thomas Crapper.

King’s Road 1921 (click to open)

One name that appears on the list is Arthur Miller, furniture dealer, who was of course Ireland’s ex-chorister and friend, the inspiration behind works such as On a Birthday Morning. To pick out a few of the other names that appear:

Louis & Co at no. 176B made clarinets.

Alfred Frederick Vedy owned two stationer’s shops in the King’s Road. He sold and produced postcards as in the example below:

The impressive Chelsea Palace was originally a music hall.





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