Maternal great grandfather Henry Waring

I’ve already posted several entries relating to Ireland’s mother’s family on the Nicholson side, and there are many more fascinating connections. Her mother (Ireland’s grandmother) also went by the name of Annie Elizabeth. She was the daughter of Captain Henry Waring (1772–1837) of Lyme Regis and of Margaret Franks (1788–1842), who came from Misterton Hall in Leicestershire. Ireland’s great grandfather died in Great House, Broad Street, Lyme Regis, a property previously lived in by William Pitt the Younger.

Waring had a fine career in the navy, for several years a Midshipman of the Phoenix 36, successively commanded by Captains George Anson Byron and Sir J. Richard Strachan. On 23 April 1794 he assisted at the capture of two French frigates and a corvette, between Guernsey and Morlaix. His promotion to Lieutenant took place in the following autumn; and he subsequently served in the Foudroyant 80 and Saturn 74, under the flags of Nelson and St. Vincent, by the latter of whom he was made a Commander on 29 April, 1802. His next appointment was in May 1803, to the Serapis 44, which ship formed part of the squadron under Commodore Hood at the reduction of Surinam in May 1804. He was married on 4 April 1805, Annie Elizabeth born in 1814.

This was another highly educated branch of the Ireland family tree. A younger son, Edward John Waring (1819–1891) was born in Tiverton. He was educated at Lyme Regis and Ilminster Grammar School and studied medicine at Bristol and Charing Cross Hospital. In 1841 he made a voyage to Jamaica as a ship’s surgeon and, in the following year, on qualifying, he returned to the island to practise (sharing an interest in the Caribbean islands with members of the Nicholson family). In 1843 he obtained an appointment under the Emigration Commissioners which took him to Australia, the Cape, Calcutta, Trinidad and the United States. In 1847 he married Caroline Anne, daughter of William Day, J.P, D.L, of Haddow, Sussex, and retired from practice to Uckfield. Two years later financial losses compelled him to resume his career and he joined the Madras establishment of the East India Company. His first posting, during the Burmese War, was to Mergui in Tennasserim. He was transferred to Travancore as residency surgeon in 1853, becoming durbar physician to the Maharajah three years later. Waring returned to England in 1863 on account of his health and in 1865 began work as editor of the Indian Pharmacopoeia. He was made a C.I.E. in 1881. In 1887 he presented his library of books on pharmacology to the Army Medical School at Netley. He engaged in active philanthropic work and was an early supporter of the London Medical Mission in St. Giles’s. Thus here we have another example of a literary medic in the extended family of John Ireland.


3 comments on “Maternal great grandfather Henry Waring

  1. Hello I´m trying to investigate the ancestor of my cousins who died in Spain

    They parents I guess they were Henry Robert Waring (Franks?)
    who married Catherine Mary Rankin.

    These is the one who settle in Spain was the ancestor of my cousins.

    Henry Robert Waring Rankin died at Palma, Majorca, on the 5th October, 1914, aged 82.
    Engaged in early life on the survey and construction of railways in the North of Spain, he was involved in the disturbances due to the Carlist wars, but eventually became managing director of the Majorcan Land Company, which, by systematic drainage, succeeded in converting 8,000 acres of bog into fertile land.
    Mr. Waring retired from active business pursuits about 25 years before his death.
    He was elected a Member on the 3rd December, 1872.

    The Ingenier Henry Robert Waring who bought many states like Xorrigo y Moranta in 1897 later he bought the state of Son Fortuny Paguera y lived in Waring Hose in San Miguel Palma de Mallorca.
    Francisca Roca Waring was he’s granddaughter.

    If you can help me to see if theres any sort of connection with the Warings from your blog.

    Yours sincerely H Maura.

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