Ireland, Jack Payne, and the fibre mute

On 2 October 1930, Ireland’s new Piano Concerto was advertised in such a way that it may well have attracted an audience expecting a dance orchestra.

Dance band mutesJack Payne (1899–1969) was one of the twentieth century’s great dance band leaders. In 1928 he took over as Director of the BBC Dance Orchestra, from 1930 forming ‘Jack Payne and His Orchestra’, as seen below on the video clip and in the image gallery:

Ireland consulted Payne during the writing of his concerto as he wanted to achieve a particular timbral effect. To this end he incorporated the dance band’s fibre mute into his orchestra, as corroborated by Payne some thirty years later in a letter to Ireland’s friend, John Longmire:

Jack Payne letter


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