Tracking down 31 Mauldeth Road, Withington

By 1891 Alexander Ireland had left Bowdon and had moved further north into Manchester, settling in the suburb of Withington. This year’s census shows him at no. 31 Mauldeth Road, M20, along with his wife Annie and two of the three daughters: Alice and Ethel. There are now two servants: Elizabeth Flood (25) and Alice Hill (16). Both Alexander and Annie died in this house in 1895. Walking along Mauldeth Road today reveals some oddities. As might be expected, the road is a mixture of grand Victorian houses, flats and new-builds. No. 31 sits – perversely – next to no. 17. However, on reading the census, it is evident that this numbering system is not a new one, and that there were no houses between 17 and 31 even in 1891.On the 1916 map of Withington below, no. 31 Mauldeth Road can be seen at the junction with Amherst Road, its exact position pinpointed.

Mauldeth Road

Today there is a house at no. 17  – on the other side of Amherst Road – and a house at no. 31, exactly as implied in the 1891 census, and as seen in the pictures below.

Mysteriously, in a map of Withington of 1892, no. 31 does not  exist – even though it is recorded in the census. The map simply shows empty land. So there are several questions here:

1) Is the 1892 map out-of-date, and was there already a house in this spot?

2) Was it the current no. 31 or is this a newer, Edwardian house? 3

3) Was there a no. 31 further down the road in a different location?

Answers to follow when I have them.

17 Mauldeth Road

17 Mauldeth Road

31 Mauldeth Road

31 Mauldeth Road


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