Major Eric Thirkell Cooper

In 1916 Ireland set three poems by Eric Thirkell Cooper: ‘Blind’, ‘The cost’, and ‘Lines to a garrison churchyard’. Details of the poet’s life are sketchy, but we know that he was a Major with the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Like Ivor Gurney, he wrote many poems in the trenches, with two published collections. The first was his Soliloquies of a Subaltern somewhere in France (1915), the second Tommies of the lines (1918), which contains 52 poems. Ireland’s settings are all drawn from the latter part of the first book:

Eric Thirkell Cooper

We know the Major survived the war as he went on to have at least two children, Erica and Rosemary, and in 1947 was living in Greatham – by a strange coincidence another Sussex village with historic connections, including a tiny twelfth-century church. Cyril Scott’s version of ‘Garrison churchyard’ appeared in the same year as that of Ireland.

Greatham church

Greatham church


4 comments on “Major Eric Thirkell Cooper

  1. Maria says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the sheet music for Lines to a garrison churchyard? I am singing Blind and The Cost and would like to include this piece as well. Thank you

  2. Sharon O'Connor says:

    Hi, i love your website. I am researching Eric Thirkell Cooper for the Dulwich Society (he lived in Dulwich) and wondered if you had any more information? In particular about his family as I have found he had a daughter (Mary Ruth Thirkell Cooper) and a son (Michael Roy Thirkell Cooper), not Erica ad Rosemary. Did he marry again?

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